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9:30AM – 1:30PM (Arrive at 8:30am)
2:30PM – 6:30PM (Arrive at 1:30pm)


4 HOUR RENTAL = $475.00
9 HOUR RENTAL = $750.00

The Boat will be at a *FULL TANK* of fuel on arrival!

The tank will need to be full when it returns to us at the end of the rental.

There is a refilling station very close to the drop point.


Almost Done!

Just a few more items left!

We launch all of our boats ourselves.

We are located just a short few minutes from the lake.

You will only be charged for the time we can have you on the water.

If there is thunder or lightning in the sky, we will have to remove our boat(s) from the water.

We will only refund for the time missed on the water.

Safety is our #1 Goal!
Please remember that accidents can happen at anytime!
Always Be Cautious.

Final Steps!

We will not charge your Credit Card until we speak with you and manually review your request to book!
There will be no charges or activity in your bank account until consult with you!

Arrival Time:

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