FAQ | What to Bring!

What to Bring!

Items to have for Boat Rentals:

-Sun Screen
-Water Shoes
-Fishing Poles
-Small Cooler

Item to have for UTV Rentals:

-Close-Toed Shoes
-Small cooler
-Long Sleeves
-Sun Screen

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do after I have booked my UTV?

-Download Avenza Maps (free).
-Arrive Early!
-Bring all members participating. (This means you cannot send your spouse.)
You must be present during check-in to participate.

Do we have to clean the UTV before returning it?

Yes, please dispose of all trash. We will provide a trash bag. Please place helmets on the porch. If the helmet is wet on the inside, there will be a fee.

What happens if I am late?

No extra time will be allotted.

Can my children 17 and under drive their own equipment?

No, the law states they must hold a valid driver’s license to be on equipment.

How many people ages 13-25 can ride with one 25 year old?

One adult to every two passengers between ages 13-25.

Can I drive without a driver’s license?

No, the law states all drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

Do I need a permit to ride?

No, the trails here are completely open to the public.

What is the helmet law?

Under 18 must wear a DOT helmet while riding. You cannot wear a bicycle helmet. It is a $500.00 fine if you are caught not wearing a helmet.

Do you provide helmets?

Yes, to every rider.

What is required to tow a trailer?

A Tow Package: A Hitch and the ability to plug in trailer break lights.

What happens to our UTV rental during bad weather?

We either will not book a reservation due to bad or extreme weather, or cancel reservations and give a 100% refund in the same form of payment that was received. Please call 580-494-3333 with any concerns prior to your arrival. Bad weather may include, but is not limited to one or more of the following: Severe Storm Warnings, Below Freezing 32 degrees F, Snow, Ice, Flash Flooding, and Extreme Heat.

Can we keep our UTV(s) rental overnight?

No, unfortunately – we cannot allow this. It would sort of be crazy.

Can we drive UTV's around Cabins or Businesses?

No, please do not ride UTVs near Cabins, Residences or places of Business.

Is Alcohol allowed?

No. There is absolutely no exceptions to this rule!