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Please read ALL of the below items before moving forward with your booking!

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Please read the following items before proceeding with your boat rental!

All Boats hold up to 10 people.

Boats come with a full tank. You are responsible to top off fuel at Manna before returning. If the boat is not topped off, you will be charged a $200.00 fuel fee. (it is much cheaper to top off)

You must have the boat topped off and returned by the end of your rental and have all trash cleaned up or there will be a late fee.

Trash not cleaned up = $50.00 fee

Fuel not topped off = $200.00 fee

Late fee = $100.00

Absolutely no shoes are allowed on boats.

We are pet friendly, however please be respectful. Please do not let animals track dirt/red clay on boats. This can result in a $100.00 cleaning fee.

Please watch for shallow and low spots. If you damage the prop, it is a $300.00 fee! Take a picture of your prop before departure!

Do not ever tie the tube rope directly to the boat.

We launch all of our boats ourselves.

We are located just a short few minutes from the lake.


Do not ever tie the boat up to a tree. You have an anchor to stay in one spot.

Boats are not allowed on the shore!

If you throw the anchor overboard, the fee is $50.00. Please do not lose our tube ropes.

If you pop on our tubes you have rented, there is a $150.00 replacement fee. You are welcome to bring your own.

If you break and/or damage the ladder(s), the fee can be up to $300.00.

If you break and/or damage the gate, the fee can be up to $1,100.00, depending on the manufacturer. Please be careful with our gates.

Boating and tubing is a wonderful way to get the entire family out and on the water.

What happens if it rains during our rental? You will only be charged for the time we can have you on the water. If there is thunder or lightning in the sky, we will ask to take you off the water. If it storms part of your rental, we will only refund for the time missed on the water.