Rider Responsibility

UTV Riding is an adventure sport and involves risks on the part of the participant. We cannot be responsible for personal injury or lost or damaged articles. We require that you acknowledge these risks by reading and signing a liability release prior to departure. All riders must have signed the liability release form prior to renting a machine. If machines are used on state and federal lands renters are required to know and abide by all state, federal and private property guidelines and regulations. DO NOT ride on any private property or drives. DO NOT ride in ANY creeks. Doing so may result in revocation of rental agreement with NO REFUND.

Damages: Renter is responsible for all damages to the UTV. All riders must sign a rental agreement prior to renting a machine. If the rental is damaged the money for damages will be paid for when the rental is returned. There may be additional fees for damages that are unseen.


Safety Talk: All renters must listen to a safety talk before departure.

  • Do not ride through any lease gates, lease gates even if they are unlocked.
  • Do not ride on anything that say 3 rivers. It will be marked with a sign.
  • Stay on the designated roads according to your map and signs posted. Even if the sign is folded on the tree stop open the sign and read what it says.
  • Do not ride through the middle of creeks or forestry land.
  • To go over 15mph your seatbelt must be clicked. The speed limit is 25mph. There is no reason to go faster.
  • Remember do not be late. You will be charged 100.00 for every hour you are late 50.00 for 30 mins late.
  • Always wear your helmets. Click your seat belts!
  • You are responsible for all damages, regardless!!!! The utv or utvs need to be returned in the same condition as each unit originally left the premises in or the card on file will be charged.
  • If you do not follow the rules the unit will be towed and if it is towed you will be responsible for the tow charge.
  • Do not try to inspect utv call office immediately.
  • You are responsible for all damages if damages are done during your rental.
  • Do not ride through water deeper than your ankles!!!!!
  • No one under 25 can drive!

If we have not answered a question you have ask before you leave.

We recommend that all participants wear helmets and stay in helmets at ALL TIMES!

Our rentals are for scenic use only we do not rent for speed or reckless behavior.

If you are caught letting anyone operate our machines under 25 the utv will be picked up and no refund will be issued.


Only adult riders who have signed the Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability ("Agreement") shall operate any UTV, or other rental vehicle or equipment. We recommend wearing a helmet and eye protection at all times while operating a UTV. Wearing a helmet is required by law in Oklahoma for riders under 18. Wearing additional gear such as long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, over the ankle boots, chest protectors, gloves, knee and elbow pads will greatly reduce risk of injury. Do not operate any UTV, or other vehicle or equipment, in any manner other than with both hands on the steering apparatus and sitting in the seat with arms and legs within the confines of the vehicle. Obey all posted signs. Do not ride faster than posted speed limits. Know and abide by all local rules and state and local laws. Do not ride out of designated areas; respect our wilderness. Do not carry persons other than as originally mounted on or assigned to ride in the vehicle. Ride at your current skill level. Do not push your limit. Be careful. Do not ride in water or wet sand. It corrodes the undercarriage. Do not participate in any race or contest involving other UTV or any other vehicle.

No alcohol or drug possession or consumption before or during use while in possession of rented UTV or other vehicle/equipment. . Be aware of other riders and vehicles. Be aware of your terrain. Do not go up, down or sideways on steep inclines. Do not park and leave vehicle or equipment unattended. In case of breakdown, call our office. Additional rental time will be allocated for time lost due to a breakdown. Anyone not following these rules or the laws of the applicable jurisdiction, or those who are caught speeding or riding without a helmet, will be asked to return the UTV and the remainder of their rental will be forfeited. Vehicles are to be returned on time or additional fees will be charged at $50/hour. There are no refunds for early returns. There are no refunds for inclement weather. There is a $100 Cleaning Fee for vehicles returned with excessive mud on them. Watch out for rocks and ruts while riding in the mountains. Hitting rocks/sharp objects can ruin tires and damage the suspension of your rental. You are responsible for all tire damage that occurs during your rental.Ride prepared. Bring a charged cell phone, suitable clothing, maps and bottled water. Do not attempt steep trails when you do not know where they end up. Being trapped or lost can lead to expensive recovery bill for your machine. Never ever jump this vehicle. It will land on its nose. Damaging the suspension and frame is expensive. You will be responsible for parts, labor and down time of the UTV. Never make aggressive turns or donuts, the tires can come off the rims and cause this vehicle to tip over or roll over. Our roll over fee is a minimum of $500 even if it goes on its side. The tire fee is $100 to clean out and re-mount the tire. Our rescue fee for an incident that is caused by operator error is $500 if the vehicle is within 50 miles from our shop. Outside of 50 miles, the operator is responsible for all costs associated with retrieving and returning the vehicle to us. There is a $100 Cleaning Fee for vehicles returned with excessive mud on them. Passengers should be able to sit in the seat with their back against the seat, reach hand holds and place feet on the floor with seat belts fastened. Never put a child in your lap to help drive. If you hear or feel anything that seems like you have mechanical problem developing please stop and call us to prevent further damage. We reserve the right to further inspect and revise our estimate of damages and your ride. You are responsible for everything that breaks during your rental. Be very careful if you are riding in a wash. Washes fill up quickly in the event of rain and can be much deeper than they appear. Use extreme caution in and around all water, particularly fast-moving water.

Safety is our number ONE PRIORITY!

1. Rules of operation. I agree to follow and be bound by the General UTV Operation Rules on page three and made a part of this agreement.

2. Limitation of use and responsibility for loss or damage. I agree that only the persons signing or otherwise identified in this agreement will operate the rented UTV, or other vehicles or equipment and that passengers will not be carried on any UTV not designated for such use. I further agree to supervise the use of the rented UTV at all times and follow all safety rules related thereto. No drivers under the age of 25 years will be permitted to drive or operate any UTV under any circumstances. Should any undersigned person, any minor under my control or any person with permission of any undersigned person or entity operate any above referenced vehicle or equipment in such a manner or fail to exercise adequate care of the same so as to result in theft, loss of or damage to such vehicle or equipment, I agree to be personally liable and financially responsible for all loss of and damage caused to any UTV, other vehicle or equipment covered by this agreement, regardless of whether or not I have forfeited a damage deposit. I AGREE TO PAY FOR ALL SUCH LOSS AND/OR DAMAGE. I also agree to pay for the loss or use of any UTV or other vehicle covered by this agreement damaged by myself or other riders, at the full day rental rate for each day from the date of damage until the vehicle is repaired and replaced in rental service, not to exceed 14 days. I hereby authorize bandits atv and boat rentals llc to charge my credit card account provided as part of this transaction for any and all additional rental, damage and loss of use charges that I may incur under the terms of this agreement.

A copy of a valid driver's license for each Operator is required.

3. Partial invalidity/Choice of law. Should any provision of this agreement be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be either invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain in effect. This agreement, covenant, waiver and release shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any action arising from or related to this agreement shall be the state and/or federal courts located in Oklahoma. I hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of the state and/or federal courts located in Oklahoma for any action arising from or related to this agreement.

4. Entire agreement, no oral modifications. This instrument, with attachments, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No provision hereof shall be modified or rescinded unless in writing signed by an authorized legal representative of Bandits atv and Boat Rentals LLC. The undersigned, certify that I (we) have read the Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability and the General Rules of Operation and Safety, and understand the contents of this document. I (we) execute it voluntarily in good faith and with full knowledge of its significance.

5. Good Condition. I represent that the UTV and any other UTV or other equipment received and/or obtained from Bandits atv and boat rentals LLC is in good condition and further represent and warrant that it will be returned in the same condition, notwithstanding ordinary wear and tear.

6. Entry of Property. I agree to allow Bandits atv and boat rentals LLC the right to enter my property for the delivery, pick-up or repossession of the UTV in the event that I do not return them. I will not loan, sublet or otherwise dispose of the UTV.

7. Joint and Several Liability / Use of Terms. In the event the undersigned consist of more than one party, the each of the undersigned shall be jointly, severally and individually liable for all obligations, agreements, and promises of the undersigned herein.