boat Rental
If you’re ready, we’re excited to have you! Please, read the important information and disclaimers before each rental.   >>

boat Rental

Full Day Boat Rental


  • Pontoon Boat Rental
  • 6 Hours of Play
  • Pet Friendly!
  • Seat up to 11 people!
  • Trailer Included*
*Important Disclaimers – terms – restrictions*

1. only adult riders who have signed the Rental Agreement and waiver of liability shall operate any utv or other rental vehicle or equipment.

2. Do not operate any vehicle or equipment in any manner other than with both hands on the steering apparatus and sitting in the seat with arms and legs within the confines of the vehicle.

3. do not carry persons other than as originally mounted on or assigned to ride in the vehicle.

4. ride at your current skill level. do not push your limit. be careful.

5. no alcohol or drug possession or consumption before or during use while in possession of rented utv(s) or other vehicle or equipment.

6. be aware of other vehicles.

7. do not park and leave vehicle or equipment unattended.

8. in case of breakdown, call our office. additional rental time will be allocated for time lost due to breakdown.

9. vehicles are to be returned on time or additional fees will be charged at $50/hour.

10. there are no refunds or early returns.

11. there are no refunds for inclement weather.

12. there is a $100.00 cleaning fee for vehicles returned with excessive mud on them.

13. ride prepared. Bring a charged cell phone, suitable clothing, maps and bottled water.

14. our rescue fee for an incident that is caused by operator error is $500.00 if the vehicle is within 50 miles from our shop. outside of 50 miles, the operator is responsible for all costs associated with retrieving and returning the vehicle to us.

15. there is a $100.00 cleaning fee for vehicles returned with excessive mud on them.

16. if you hear or feel anything that seems like you have a mechanical problem developing, please stop and call us to prevent further damage.

17. we reserve the right to further inspect and revise our estimate of damages and your ride. you are responsible for everything that breaks during your rental.


Each of our Boats will be loaded for you free of charge!
Our Trailers require a 2 in. ball hitch
– Please come prepared with this in mind