Rent a UTV or Boat Today!

Renter Must:
-Be 25 Years of Age or Older
-Have a Valid Drivers License
-Have Proof of Full Coverage Automobile Insurance

*Boat Rentals are Weather Sensitive*
Only Charged for Time on the Water.
We Launch Our Own Boats!
Only a Few Miles From Launch Site.

Pricing Information

Important Notes
- There is a minimum $1000 deposit per UTV
-There is a 3.9% credit card transaction fee

Rental Times
- We offer 4 hour rental times between the hours of 9-1pm 2pm-6pm
- Our All day rental times are between the hours of 9am-6pm

UTV Rates
- 2 & 3 passenger UTV rental 4 Hour Rate $388.80
- 2 & 3 passenger UTV rental All Day Rate - $575
- 4 passenger UTV rental 4 Hour Fee $425
- 4 passenger UTV rental All Day Fee - $675
- 6 passenger UTV rental fee 4 Hour Fee - $475
- 6 passenger UTV rental All Day Fee - $700 seater

Pontoon Boat Rentals
- 4 hour Rental Fee - $475
- 9 Hour Rental Fee - $700

Our Mission

We love providing our customers with the most memorable vacation and adventure experiences possible. It helps our local town grow - and it provides a positive loop of happy patrons entering our city and enjoying themselves on our boats or off-road rentals.
We take a lot of pride in booking Safe, Family Adventure Experiences.


All of our off-road rentals are "Self-Guided". If you are bringing your own machine, feel free to stop by for rules + regulations as well as physical trail maps. We take safety incredibly seriously and we will be making sure we are comfortable with your reservation before allowing you to pay and leave the facility.