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Experience the thrill of riding UTV rentals in Broken Bow, OK

When you plan your trip to Oklahoma, make sure to stop by Bandits ATV and Boat Rentals in Broken Bow, OK for memorable fun. We offer UTV rental services that allow you and your group to experience beautiful nature in a unique way. All of our UTV rental services are self-guided, and we offer trail maps for you to follow designated routes.

We follow detailed UTV rental policies and procedures to keep you and your group safe. You'll receive UTV and safety gear when you rent with us. And we're happy to answer any questions you have so you can feel fully prepared to use our UTV rentals.

You can bring your own UTVs or rent ours. Call 580-494-3333 to book your reservation today.

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You must have a 2 inch ball and hitch to pull our trailer to the Trail Head!
Instead of having to tow them, we also have direct access to the trails!


Please read the following items before continuing to book your UTV!

-We have the right to refuse or cancel a reservation(s) if we feel there is a risk of safety.
-No Alcohol or Drug use before or during rental or any equipment.
Riding UTVs involves risk on the part of the participant. We cannot be responsible for personal injury and/or death or damaged or lost articles.
-All participants 18 and over are required to be present to read and sign a liability release prior to departure. For minors: A parent or legal guardian must be present and list full legal name and date of birth on liability for giving permission to participate in riding any equipment. You CANNOT sign for anyone else's child.
-Renters are required to know and follow all state and federal land guidelines and regulations. Please see posted rules and laws in office. We will also provide a copy to you as well. If you have questions - Ask!
-The speed limit is 25 mph on all forest roads.
-Seat Belts and Helmets (provided) are required to be worn at all times. Each rider is required to wear close-toed shoes. We suggest wearing long sleeves, long pants, and gloves. Oklahoma State Law requires riders under the age of 18 years old must wear a helmet. DOT approved helmets must be worn. Bicycle helmets are not approved.
-Passengers should be able to grab safety handles, back against seat back, and have feet flat on the floor.
Read and follow the operator's manual (inside glove box) and warning labels.

-Do not ride through any private land, paved roads, cabins, shopping areas, fences, tree(s), rivers, lease gates (open or closed), dirt mounds, gravel pits, or any other place marked as private or no trespassing. If the unit is caught riding in any of these areas, it may result in termination of rental agreement with NO REFUNDS!
-Ride only on designated roads according to your provided map and the required free 'Arenza Maps' app. If there is high rushing water that you could not safely walk through, DO NOT drive through it. If there is a dirt mound on a legal road, DO NOT drive over it or around it.
-The renter is responsible for all damages, regardless of who is in control of the rental. The rental needs to be returned in the same condition as it originally left the premises in and/or the card on the file will be charged. If you have damaged the rental, call Bandits ATV and Boat Rentals LLC immediately at 500-494-3333.
-If you do not follow the safety and general rules during the rental, the unit will be towed at the renter's expense and NO REFUND will be issued!
-Always fasten your seatbelt, wear a helmet and/or other protective gear and keep all parts of your body inside the UTV.
Avoid paved surfaces. UTV(s) are designed to be operated off-highway.
-Drive only in designated areas, at a safe speed, and use care when turning and crossing slopes.
Never drive or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Never carry more passengers than the UTV is designed for, and never allow passengers who are too small to sit in a passenger seat to ride in the UTV.

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